IoTConnect – a complete platform for all industries

There are many companies claiming to have made an IoT platform, all of which promise to help enterprises develop an end-to-end IoT-enabled organization. A lot of marketing terms are thrown about when it comes to IoT platforms. But most of these are just device clouds. A system that allows you to just manage connected assets or IoT devices does not a platform make!

IoTConnect is a full-fledged Platform as a Service. This horizontal IoT platform allows for device communication and management, data storage, app creation and enablement, robust security protocols and implementation of data science methodologies. Machine learning, predictive maintenance and generating BI reports – everything is possible with IoTConnect.

Top five reasons to use IoTConnect

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  1. 01We have over a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 enterprises, especially manufacturers, solve their technological challenges. This is not a fly-by-night operation. We will be here tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
  2. 02When you choose the cloud version, your data is hosted on the world’s largest cloud platform which comes with a 99.95% SLA.
  3. 03It runs anywhere you want it to. IoTConnect is capable of running on a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid model or in a datacenter.
  4. 04You get the ability to develop on top of our platform which gives your developers the ability to create customizations as and when required.
  5. 05Our platform is both hardware and language agnostic. As long as your devices can connect to the Internet, you will be able to work with IoTConnect. This makes building IoT applications a breeze for developers from any programming background.

IoT Solutions

Choose from our six Smart Solutions centered on IoT technologies that you can buy off the shelf and start using in your organization.

Customized IoT platform for a OEM

One of the largest electronics OEMs in the world worked with us to create a customized IoT platform which is being used internally by the company to create the next generation of IoT devices.

Customized IoT platform
Data Science Proof of Concept

Data Science Proof of Concept

The potential of the Internet of Things is being realized at a global scale. Embedding technology into business processes translates to new business information, operational efficiencies, and revenue-generating opportunities. As one of the leading IoT consultancy companies, Softweb Solutions presents this PoC assessment to kick start the Internet of Things in your business with the installation of sensors at crucial data points.

Data Science Proof of Value

Data Science Proof of Value

Did you know? Your existing datasets have the potential to transform the way your business functions. Moreover, your data can reveal key insights and business critical information that were not available before. Our data engineers, data scientists, and data visualizers will process your data to dig out hidden insights from it and create intelligence out of it in a short period of time.


Works across all industries

IoTConnect has been created to be used extensively across various domains without compromising its core advantages.

  • Agriculture

    Create smarter irrigation systems, monitor livestock and soil quality and build automation systems for greenhouses...

  • Manufacturing

    Use our platform to carry out predictive maintenance, plant floor automation and remote asset monitoring to increase...

  • Logistics

    Enable real-time tracking of your assets and remote monitoring solutions with the help...

  • Healthcare

    Build IoT-based systems in hospitals and clinics, along with establishing IoT-based outpatient monitoring solutions...

  • Retail

    Sensor based contextual marketing platforms can help retailers offer personalized experiences to their shoppers...

  • Sports

    IoTConnect can help in the creation of smart stadiums that save energy and offer proximity marketing solutions...

  • Smart Cities

    Distribution of power, water and gas, maintenance of utilities and deployment of emergency services can all be made smarter...

  • Automobile

    Connected cars, smarter insurance policies due to vehicle monitoring and intelligent auto parts are possible with IoTConnect...

  • Energy

    Revolutionize energy management systems for better energy utilization in residential and commercial areas...

  • Construction

    IoTConnect helps construction companies create safer construction policies and carry out asset management and repairs...

  • Field Service

    An IoT-centric field service solution helps companies deliver better customer service by giving them the ability to carry out...

  • Hospitality

    Smart refrigeration, surveillance, access control, facilities maintenance and energy conservation; the possibilities are endless...


IoTConnect Plans

IoTConnect is available on a Private PaaS model. Contact us to know more about how you can implement this in your organization.


Unlimited API Calls
20 requests per second
10GB Storage

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Private Cloud

Unlimited API Calls
API Throttle Unlimited
Unlimited Storage

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Not sure which option is right for you? Talk to us today to find out how to implement an IoT platform that meets for requirements.