Get better control over your equipment and machinery with our asset monitoring and management solution

Having a competitive edge in the market is a prime requisite for any business to be in the game. An IoT-enabled remote monitoring solution is just what businesses in the manufacturing, industrial machinery, power and utilities, mining as well as oil and gas need. Asset monitoring and management solutions enabled by IoT not only help you gain better control over your equipment and machinery, but also make positive impacts on aspects like increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing operational costs, increasing customer experiences, etc. For companies looking for competitive and effective ways to monitor and manage assets remotely, an IoT-enabled asset tracking and monitoring solution can help optimize operations and track return on assets (ROA).

Key Challenges

  • Limited control over assets

  • Sudden machine breakdown

  • Unconnected silos of IT and OT

  • Loss of job-critical data

  • Lack of sophisticated reporting system

  • Inefficient asset performance tracking

  • Unable to meet maximum asset productivity


IoT-enabled smart asset monitoring is a combination of all the processes, assets, workflows, and analytics into a single solution to offer a centrally consolidated tracking, monitoring and analytics system for asset-intensive sectors like manufacturing, industrial machinery, power & utilities, mining, oil & gas, healthcare, etc.

Efficient remote tracking and monitoring of your assets

Avnet’s Smart Asset Monitoring solution enables industries to locate their assets and monitor their performance. Since smartphones and tablets are not enough to unlock the value of connected assets, our solution enables your machines and equipment to help you deduce the information from collected data, measure the KPIs and detect deviations.

  • Asset health

    Monitors the efficiency of your assets to perform predictive/preventive maintenance

  • Asset online

    Indicates the number of active assets

  • Asset availability

    Specifies the number of assets that are working properly and are available for use

  • Asset utilization

    This KPI is to reflect how assets are utilized. It helps businesses ensure they get maximum output from their assets

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