Improve your worker’s safety and optimize their performance

Ensuring the health and safety of field employees, better regulatory enforcement have always been major challenges for field operators and construction companies. They are increasingly looking to carry out the tasks with more safety and efficiency, while increasing productivity, minimizing non-productive work and ensuring a healthy working environment.

The convergence of global industrial systems with advanced technologies such as wearables, low-cost sensors and data analytics not only connect machines but also field workers including builders, firefighters, miners and others with a centralized system.

An IoT-enabled connected worker solution brings monitoring capabilities to the next level that make worksites safer, more efficient, transparent and productive.

Key Challenges

  • Unexpected accidents in the field

  • Improving worker performance

  • Enhancing worker experience

  • Tracking workers

  • Ensuring worker safety

  • Reducing the risk of errors

  • Improving data accuracy

  • Creating visibility in the process work status

Overcome your remote work challenges

Ensure a safer working environment with a connected industrial worker solution

Connecting industrial workers, in addition to providing a fully connected system has now become a feasible solution to achieve better operational efficiency and to ensure worker safety and productivity. Along with connected assets and machinery, connected workers can help a company improve regulatory compliance and take a real-time look at workers’ activities and health.

Industries that benefit largely from IoT-based Connected Worker Solution


Transportation and logistics

Oil and gas


Repair and maintenance


Energy and utilities

Fire and safety

Real estate and construction

IoT-based Connected Worker Solution

Improved worker safety

Factory managers can generate and analyze reports of the current work environment. They can also be alerted to dangerous environmental conditions.

Prescriptive analytics

To track the efficacy of existing safety protocols and policies by analyzing the information obtained by multiple sensors mounted in the system.

Compliance friendly

Collects and stores data for compliance checks in order to prevent hazardous conditions. The data collected can be useful during audits.

Workforce planning and optimization

The combination of project management software with human capital management software would allow businesses to enhance the well-being of workforce and track their productivity.


Our Smart Connected Worker solution offers end-to-end ecosystem and is explicitly designed to improve the safety and productivity of your industrial frontline workers.

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